Driven Experiences Inaugural Baja 500 Successful

Driven-Exp-Baja-500-Bower-Media-2.jpgGATEWAY, CO JUNE 17, 2014: Driven Experiences first run at the SCORE Baja races proves their Arrive and Drive Trophy Truck Spec program has the gears to become a long-term program. Driven Experiences gave two clients with a dream to race Baja an intensive two week drivers training between Driven Experiences training facility at Gateway Canyons Resort in Colorado, the deserts of Barstow California and a full week in Baja pre-running. The team felt confidence that the clients had all the tools to be successful at the wave of the green flag.

“It’s been a good experience. I’m excited that we got them to this point and now we just need to get them starting the race in the morning. It has been a journey for sure, but I think it’s a testament to our crew getting the job done. We have a solid truck and a solid crew chasing, so now I am excited to get the race going,” said Andrew Hendricks, Driven Experiences’ President.

The Trophy Spec truck started 10th in class and moved up to second in class within the first 100 miles. Although the outcome of the clients race ended at RM147 when a silt rut swapped out the rear end, slowly rolling the truck over consequently bending the rear tracking bar, the success of the program has been proven to many. “We are excited to see the growth of both drivers from the first day we met them and they had no experience putting on seat belts or changing tires, to now, just over two weeks later, pre-running the Baja 500 with confidence and understanding of the vehicle and the terrain,” said Chuck Dempsey, Race Director at Driven Experiences. “Baja bites a lot of teams, but what we gained through the last few weeks is that the Arrive and Drive Program we lined out on paper works on the ground and will work for others that opt to fulfill their dream of racing the Baja in a truck. It takes commitment, there is no doubt about that.”


Race day is just a sliver of the entire Baja experience, it is really one that can’t be explained, described or warned only experienced first hand. “It is Tech and Contingency day. The groups we bring to the races get to experience all the elements of the entire race, not just driving,” said Jeff Humberson, Driven Experiences VP. “We are having such great time in Mexico, everyone is doing awesome.”

Driven Experiences is the only arrive-and-drive school that provides the knowledge and information needed to really understand the profession of sitting behind the wheel of a Pro-Baja Truck. Utilizing the knowledge and know-how of long-time desert racer Chuck Dempsey, clients are properly taught how to navigate jumps, bumps and rough terrain on their 2-mile course located in Gateway, Colorado. In addition, Driven Experiences is now offering offsite options of touring or racing through the Baja or California deserts. The classroom training starts based on any skill level and gains momentum offering the full service opportunity to get into the winners circle.


Gateway Canyon Resort is located an hour Southwest of Grand Junction, named the “Best Adventure Resort in Colorado” by “Best of TV” in 2009. In addition to the Driven Experiences opportunity, additional resort activities include: Dolores River Adventure, Horseback Riding, Off-Road Touring, Air Tours and a complete Gateway Auto Museum.

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