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Hello folks
I just signed up. I'm in Northern California and drive a 1969 Bronco. It's a almost completely stock daily driver. I commute to school with it and use it for hunting, fishing, etc. Frequently have questions about maintenance.


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Any pics? ...or details on the rig?
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Good to be here.
Mine was sold in San Diego in '69 and was a dealer prep demo. The dealer sent it to K-Bar-S Bronco Specialties and KBS cut the rear fenders, moved the shift to the floor, put 11 inch tires on, and air conditioning. They also added second shocks on the front suspension and since the AC was in the way of the stock hood latch, they put posts and locks on the hood. The original 302 was swapped out in 1978 for a barely used Merc 302 from a '69 Cougar. That's the engine in it now. It runs fine gets 14 MPG. It was originally a wagon but I got a used short cab a while back and this Spring I swapped the tops. I'll keep them both. It's like having 2 separate Broncos. Need to rebuild/update the brakes. Paint is rough but has character, almost no rust.
I'll post pics soon.


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Patina in San Diego is a bit different than patina in Wisconsin :) Sounds like a great truck with a great history to match! Are you the 2nd owner, or were there more mixed in there?
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I'm the second owner. I've had it a long time and the thing is so reliable and undemanding. So now I'm starting to address some problem areas. The old drum brakes are pretty bad. It stops but we have a lot of wildlife at night. Especially deer. I've been lucky so far but brakes are top of the list.