Finding the best drivers... Are you the one? All-Pro Trail Breaker

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Lil Rich

Spotter Required
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Nov 26, 2016
Sand Hollow

It's that time again... We are gearing up to find the next All-Pro Trail Breaker. On October 4th at Sand Hollow in Hurricane, Utah, 12 drivers will once again attempt to conquer the newest and toughest trail in the U.S. If you are unfamiliar with what a real All-Pro Trail Breaker is, here is the definition:

A true Trail Breaker is an elite driver that not only continually attempts the hardest obstacles nature can provide, but completes them when no one else can. These drivers are by far the best from their locale and recognized as the best in the world.

The amount of skill it takes to complete this level of trail takes extensive knowledge on how to push their vehicles to the extreme and beyond. There is no faint of heart for these drivers as we take immense risks that can end our vehicles. It isn't a matter of being able to wheel the rest of the weekend, but more like the vehicle will have to be scraped and dismembered to get them out of certain obstacles.

We look for a trail that is so difficult that it has never been conquered. This insane new club will invite only the best drivers in the game, and feature an exclusive look into what it takes for top drivers to defeat the impossible. There is no easy way back to our trailers, no bypasses that allow for pansy lines; this is all or nothing.

We hunt for the impossible, look for obstacles where there "Are None". We have no judges, cones, penalties, or spotters, etc. Boundaries are the canyon walls themselves.

To capture the best drivers, we must turn to the guys that know hardcore... Help us find the best. We have retained the top 5 drivers from 2016 and the winner from the Moab EJS All Pro Trail Breaker. Now we turn to Rock Crawler to help enlist the next wave of drivers. Who do you think should be in this elite event? We want the hidden gems of Trail Riding...

Our Current Drivers are:
Jeff McKinlay (2016 Winner)
Cody Waggoner (2016 2nd place)
Tracy Jordan (2016 3rd place)
Justin Keilman (2016 4th place)
Cary Gleason (2016 5th place)
Steve Nantz (Winner of EJS All-Pro Trail Breaker)


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