Ford Ranger Diesel -


Loves Light Bars
May 14, 2015
I actually live in Central America, where diesel is much more common then back in the states. Regardless, I am working on a project vehicle, a Ford Ranger diesel with Manual transmission and electronic switching of the 4 wheel drive.

I want to look at gearing the truck down for crawling. A bit new to the sport. That being said, are there kits that can help out with this? I have to be careful and make it a bit easy because it isn't a common sport down here at all, so would rather start simple, and then get more extreme as I learn more over time.

I mention the diesel only because it won't be a common vehicle to purchase 3rd party parts, they generally focus on the gasoline market in small trucks, but the truck's suspension, etc. is more in line with a normal ranger.
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