Four Corners 4×4 Wins in Rangely, CO

This past weekend, Four Corners 4×4 participated in the Western Regional Series WEROCK event held in Rangely, Colorado. Jason Kaminsky piloted the #4678 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to a First Place finish in the Mod Stock class with the help of spotter, Rick Jenkins. This year, the team added competitive rock crawling to their racing schedule and this is their second win.


“We run the Sportsman’s “C” courses in our class due to our tire size and other vehicle restrictions imposed by our class,” commented Kaminsky. “It’s fun getting out there and wheeling with other rigs running much larger tires and more sophisticated technology than what is allowed in our class. I think we put on a good show and we were happy that we managed to get through the eight courses with no mechanical breakage or rollovers, not to mention the podium finish.”


On the way home, the team took some time to stop by one of their primary sponsors,Mountain Off Road Enterprises. M.O.R.E. specializes in aftermarket components specifically for Jeep vehicles.


“It was really cool to see where M.O.R.E.’s great parts are born,” said Rick Jenkins. “We got a tour of both fabrication shops and the machine shop, as well as meeting a few new people who we don’t get to see at the shows and events. The new CNC laser and the system for handling materials has got to be a real time-saver in the shop.”


Now, with a quick turn-around, the team is busy preparing for the Dirt Riot Mountain Series #2 event to be held this weekend in Agate, Colorado.

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