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Thanks for the add, I am working on building/designing a full tube gram crawler/expedition/exploration/trail rig, it will be a 4 seater (so I can include the fam), SB350 Chev, TH400, D44 Front, 14B FF Rear.
New to designing a buggy, so always looking for input.
Also hope to meet other similar folks in the Oregon area
This is a side profile of what I am working on.


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Welcome :)

Not a fan of the door bars personally....I know what you are going for (easy access) but IMO a 45 degree angle off the hood/a-pillar point and then straight back to the rear deck would be cleaner and safer.

And I hope you are planning an expo-trailer to haul gear, since your fuel cell is gonna take up any cargo space :)


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Thanks Woody, Ill have to sketch out the angled bars from A-B pillar and see how that may work, as far as storage goes, yea its gonna be limited unless I do a little streatch or get creative. I did however plan on a Expo type trailer for overnight runs, great minds think alike I guess...