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Mar 15, 2017
Lehi, Utah
Hey guys! This buggy has had quite the past, but I will save that for the original build thread (everything from the beginning to now) and I will start this thread with what I have done for the rebuild.


That being said, this is where and how I started the tear down:

After competing at 3-4 different events, I decided I wanted to make the buggy a little more comp worthy. It was just too long to sneak through the cones in the pro classes (which several of the even based on the rules I found myself in) With that, I started stock piling parts for the rebuild last October. The FJ80 front, and Rock Assault Tacoma rear hadn't given me any problems, but I knew if I wanted to get serious in the comp scene, I needed to get some stronger/tighter turn axles. Cody Gabriel went to rear steer on his car, and I scooped up his sweet offset/shaved 14 bolt that came out of it. Ryan Maxfield also had a Tera60 housing, Ford knuckles/Cs, with JHF high steer kit, so I picked those up as well.

The last trip on the buggy in its old configuration was at Trail Hero. On Friday we ran Dekleined, and about half way through the trail, after the snake pit there was a big sand hill that we needed to climb out of (come to find out, that wasn't the trail after words, and our leader was a little off, but oh well, it happens. I dont blame him at all.) well, I tried a couple times to get up it, and ultimately I shifted into high in the rear case, low in the front case, and blew the input on the rear case (23 spline). That ended wheeling for the weekend, and ultimately was the last trip in that configuration.

I got home and started tearing it down for the rebuild. I got the cases out and warrantied out the input for the new owner. I found a Dana 300 from a guy in KS, and we worked a deal. I got my 4.1s, and HD shaft kit for my Dana 300 (HUGE shoutout to Mr. Pool, and Teraflex! Give them a call with any of your Jeep needs!!) I also picked up a RADesigns controller Winters shifter. Hopefully I am smart enough to figure out how to wire that in :D


Some of the parts I am starting to collect
Fun trick I saw, but an easy way to get the pilot bearing out of the back of the crank. Fill the hole with bread, then use a slightly smaller bolt or punch in the pilot bearing opening, and it will pop out. I was amazed at how well it worked, and then the bread popped right out when it was done.

Before Christmas I cut out most of the upper cage bars, and rebuilt the front upper bar, and spreader bars. Since then, it have been cut in half, and most of the cage is done, and started the rear portion of the chassis. Nate and Ryan helped to convince me that the B pillar needed to be straight, and I agreed. With the rake of the A and B pillars, it definitely needed to be straight without adding a B.5 pillar. Its coming along, just has some frustrating points of trying to figure things out.

The chassis is pretty much done. Got a couple more things to do, and weld in, but for the most part, it is finished up. I want to change up a couple more areas in the front of the chassis, but nothing major. Welded up the entire chassis on Saturday. I'm no welder, and its frustrating at times when you can lay a beautiful bead, then the next one looks like poop... Oh, and welding upside down sucks :) Got the rear shock mounts done, axle sitting where it will be, started the subframe (but probably going to change it, since I am not liking that direction, and the lower links won't be correct) trying to see if the upper link will clear with a driveline in there as well (see high tech duct tape pics) and it will be close. I think the lower crossmember on the tubework will need to be moved up, or put a bend in it to try to stay 4 link.

And here is where we are sitting as of 3/16:

Last Friday I got most of my passenger side firewall done. I got one more piece to make and attach. Got the trans tunnel done earlier, but dont think I ever made a post about it. The shifter is mounted, but I still need to wire it to the trans. I wont be able to do that until it is on its own weight to see what gears are what with a power probe. Saturday I got the rear links made, and get the rear altogether. I got the driveline from Gaylons in Lehi, but after it was all in, and due to the offset rear diff, the yokes needed clearancing. Long story short, I needed to put flex joints on both ends to clear everything (still hoping the axle side will clear the bolts on the yoke) I just got the driveline back from Gaylon to get it shortened up a bit. On Monday I got the rear suck down winch mounted on the axle, a mount made for the hook, and got the rear floor cut out and welded in place.

I got the housing from Ryan and hopefully I will be getting the front suspension figured out this weekend, then I can get the housing back to Ryan to get it finished up, while I finish getting the subframe built and everything else.

One other thing I did is I re-located my propane mixer to the top of the motor. I am hoping that will help pep up the motor as well with a lot less hose for the fuel to travel through before getting to the motor. I took the heater core lines off, and cut and narrowed them up to hit the mixer in its new location.

Looks great! Gonna be done in time for OSRC?

Oh yeah, that shouldn't be an issue at all. I am hoping to have it done, and down at EJS as well. So WERock Cedar, and OSRC shouldnt be a problem at all (said while knocking on wood just to make sure :D)
Taking notes for my project, rear will be getting linked in the future, and will need to redo the cage as well...particularly like how the back shock mounting is setup :)

what wheelbase will you end up at? I don't comp mine, and have been very pleased with the longer wheelbase (that I can't remember
It was at 112, but with the rebuild I was shooting for 106. We measured it when I had the housing under it to get all the link mounts mocked into place, and it actually might end up around 104-105. Which isn't a big deal for comps, but I am curious how it will do trail wheeling now. I dont think I have had anything that short since my TJ
Thanks guys for the kind words! I need to update my threads, but I am trying to get it finished up for Cedar and OSRC. I need to build the front 2 piece driveshaft, skidplate, and skins, and it should be pretty much ready to go. Some other small finish work to do, but its almost there!

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