Fullsized crawler, any advice?


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Aug 11, 2017
Well this is my first thread on the new forum, I'm trying to build a 1975 F150 shortbed 4x4 that I can take on some pretty serious trails. I have three trails on my bucket list so far and the goal is to take this truck down every one of them; The Dusy, Fordyce and the Rubicon. I know it's unconventional to take a full size pick up out in the rocks, they belong in the mud bogs. But I'm over the whole sink it in the mud and let the horsepower do the rest, the rocks are my real passion and I'm up for the challenge of making a full-sized crawler.

Right now I have a fuel injected 5.8l that is gonna get stabbed in front of the NP435 trans and super duty axles that need locked up and regeared for 37" tires. I'm also gonna use some tubing and sheet metal to make a DIY flat bed that I'll have my spare tire and fuel cell mounted to. My plans for the future involve a linked suspension and a 203/205 doubler but I need a whole lot more time and money before those dreams can come true.

Anyone else here running a full sized truck into some serious rock crawling? Please let me know about your build and what you did right and what you would have done differently and why. Thanks


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Oct 12, 2010
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I've known a bunch of rigs over the years based on fullsize rigs....a friend used to run a 80's Ram shortbox pickup and it did great. Fun to watch something that large flex over the rocks :)

Biggest issue was sheetmetal, since the added width put the body into the trees and rocks on tighter trails.

Sounds like a fun project, any pics of what you are starting with?
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