God Is My Co-Dawg

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God Is My Co-Dawg

Reflecting on Veterans Day

By Del Albright

Veteran's Day gives me cause to pause, but honestly I remember and honor all our military all year long. This year, with our country experiencing such change (ups and downs), it hit me hard how many of us our struggling -- military and non-military alike.

My life has had more than its share of "exploits" including being shot at in three countries, and I can't help but salute all who have served or are serving, as well as their families and friends who also paid a price.

My off-roading/OHV friends know the term "co-dawg;" it's a respectful way to refer to the person in the passenger seat, also known as riding "shotgun." While I don't make a big deal of it, I'm also not embarrassed to say that God is my "co-dawg." He has been, and continues to ride with me where ever I am. There is an amazing peace that comes with having such an esteemed co-dawg.

There are caveats with this partnership, though. He is not going to get every gate for you; He is not going to fix your broken junk; He is not going to give you the exact answer you may be looking for; and He is not going to live your life for you. All of those obstacles in life are still up to you to solve and live through; but as your co-dawg, He'll help you make the right choices and find the path you were meant to travel.

So my wish for you as I reflect on this Veterans Day is that you find a "co-dawg" who will help you find peace, as well as courage, serenity and wisdom. I borrowed the Snoopy picture because the message is so strong -- keep looking up. Keep looking ahead; find your peace; get a good "co-dawg;" and do what you were meant to do in life and do it with gusto!


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