Good Morning RockCrawlers, its exciting to join up with you.

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James Broadbent

Loves Light Bars
Jan 29, 2017
Las Vegas NV
Good Morning RockCrawlers, its exciting to join up with you. Im not the high testosterone wheeler in an Ultra4; Super Modified Every Man Challenge; or WEROC competition buggy. I am the mellowed "old guy" whose been leading Moab EJS hard trails since the 1990's. Probable wheeled w some of you over the years. Look forward to being on the tails with you. I have three awesome Jeeps: 1. 1987 YJ White Jeep Super-Modified (original Owner); 2. 1997 TJ Red Jeep highly modified; and 3. 2012 JKU (under construction) civil Terremoto- GenRight build. Enjoy getting on the Rocks of Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah.

I'm a full-time professor at Roseman Univesity -Orthodontics, Henderson, Nevada. Rock On!
James Broadbent
(Roc Dock)

For Fun, Here are some of my Jeep photos
1 -Broadbent Air Up.JPG
3.   SG Joint Effort.jpg
6 -Fire truck mini 4x4.jpg
9 -Logandale.jpg

16 - HR Devils Gate.jpg
Hey James, Great to have you on the board. let me know when you get up to Sand Hollow and we'll have to catch a trail together!
James, after all this crap clears up let’s go for another ride out at sand hollow, I’ll be out there may 23-24 with some California bolt on guys for a little sightseeing. Did you get your wiring squared away? You had a pretty good smoke show going on last trip😰

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