BlueRibbon Coalition Grand County Wants Our Feedback For a Public Land Proposal for the Moab Area

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Very few local jurisdictions have done more to limit economic development opportunities in their area than Grand County in Utah. Now Grand County is looking at misguided public land bills that were passed in Washington County and Emery County in Utah as models for their own public land bill. These county level public land bills tend to be vehicles for massive expanding restrictive and unnecessary wilderness designations. They land bills also tie the hands of land managers and counties in the long run and prevent them from adapting to shifting priorities in public land management. Grand County has been notoriously hostile to motorized recreation, and we have little confidence that any bill drafted by the county will do anything other than permanently lock up some of the best off-roading areas in the world.

Grand County is currently accepting public comment for this proposal, and they need to hear from recreation users that we do not support their effort to lock up federal lands in their county that are owned by all Americans. In order for any proposal to become a reality, Grand County will also need to find federal legislators who are willing to support the proposal. We’ve created an action alert that makes it easy for you to tell Grand County and your elected representatives that you don’t support a Grand County Public Land Proposal, Please fill it out and help us spread the word.

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