Hatch Racing Debuts the Latest Jimco-built Creation

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Every facet of a Jimco-built chassis is a combination of history and innovation; a result of four decades of experience handcrafting championship off-road racecars. Inspired by the popularity of the legendary Trophy Truck class, the Spec TT platform was conceived as an intermediary between the limited and unlimited truck classes. Modeled after Jimco’s championship Trophy Truck chassis, the 6100 Trophy Truck Spec is the culmination of 40 years of race-winning experience and is delivered competition-ready.


Ernesto Araiza

When 2018 SNORE Class 10 Champion and loyal Jimco car owner Fred Hatch was ready to take on the ultra-competitive Spec TT class, he once again called on the artists and engineers at Jimco to design, construct, and deliver the next masterpiece in his collection. Last December, Hatch Racing took delivery of their new truck at the SNORE Rage at the River in Laughlin, Nevada. With no testing time due to bad weather, the Hatch Racing Spec TT finished third – straight out of the box in both the Unlimited Sportsman and 6100 Truck classes.

The Hatch Racing Spec TT features many of the same components and abilities as its iconic counterpart however the stock sealed GM LS3 engine and Gearworks 3-speed Turbo 400 transmission package provide a relatively affordable option compared to the unlimited class trucks. Jimco’s lightweight and nimble Spec TT chassis design combined with GM’s LS3 power plant delivers an uncompromising performance-oriented machine while also maintaining the competitiveness that made this one of the fastest growing classes in the desert.

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