Heavy Duty Rear Disc Brake Conversion


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Dec 21, 2013
Redding CA
Need more stopping power? These Disc brakes are also self cleaning and bring a weight savings of 50+ lbs making this is a great upgrade for your rock crawler, mud bogger or pulling truck. These brackets are made to fit the mighty Chevy/GMC14 bolt FF rear axle 1973-1988 & Dana 60 & 72-79 Ford SRW Dana 60 rear axles.like a glove. Backed by a lifetime warranty against breakage and made in the USA with pride, this 14 bolt disc conversion is absolutely the best you can buy… period. ONLY 129.99

The brackets are machined from 3/8″ steel plate. Sharp edges are deburred before sand blasting and powdercoat. The kit includes a set of brackets with TIG welded steel spacers, Grade 8 mounting hardware and safety rings to keep your bolts from backing out. ONLY 129.99
Now you can add rotor armor to any of our rear disc brake conversions. This is a necessity when using wheel spacers which tend to leave the rotor exposed.

Our rotor protection upgrade is made of slot and tab construction, CNC formed and TIG welded. The rotor protection upgrade includes powdercoating.

What else will you need? • (2) Rotors (1975 -1988 GM 3/4 ton 4×4 truck front) • (2) Calipers (1975 -1988 GM 3/4 ton 4×4 truck front) • (1) Set of brake pads (1975 -1988 GM 3/4 ton 4×4 truck front) • (2) Soft brake lines (braided stainless steel lines available) • (2) Banjo bolts • Brake fluid • Common Tools

If you want to keep your cable e-brake simply substitute ’78 El Dorado rear calipers instead of the GM front calipers. Our brackets will work with both calipers.


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