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Mar 26, 2015
New to the forum. Located in Bakersfield CA. First time FJ40 owner, wheeling for a few years now.
First rig was an 1985 toyota pickup. TG everything, 36" Iroks & a square tubing flatbed. Sold a few years after.
My most recent build I bought from the PO as a project.
1980 FJ40, SB350 TBI, TH350, Orion Case, Custom 3link rear built by PO.
37" Iroks on allied Beadlocks, ARB's Front & Rear. Chromos.
Currently in the process of swapping front axles. Weve cut & rolled the knuckles.
Ive recently found out that there are a few small differences in axle housings between Toyota PU's and the FJ 40's. I also bought a 1971 FJ40 that i have been using for parts, I was told that this axle housing too has a few minor differences (shaft spline sizes, internal Birf diameter). I bought the TG 6-gun Knuckle kit and am trying to figure out if these will fit the housing from the 1971 FJ40.

Heres a few pictures..


FA7 1

Here's a picture of the Orion Tcase when bought it.

In Rebuild progress from Georg at Valley Hybrids

Finished product
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