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Jan 31, 2012
Citrus County
Hello RockCrawler Members,
My name is Robb Cole, I am the Club President for Citrus County Jeepers. For those of you who don't know of us, we are a family oriented group of Jeep and Offroad enthusiast located in beautiful Citrus County. We have many of trails, hills, pits, rocks, mud and caves within our area to wheel, crawl & play around on. WE WELCOME everyone to come anytime and join us for wheelin fun. CCJ keeps the calender fresh with club meetings, socials, and events every month giving everyone a chance to join in on what has built our small club into a much larger club. We are a non-profit and contibute alot to local charities and fund raisers through-out the year.

I personally have been wheelin for over 13yrs and my Jeep has impressed me in more ways than one. Life statement: "You just never know whats over the next hill, till you climb it"

We are having this huge event coming up in March for Jeep & Rock Buggy enthusiast. Located at Horse Hole Creek Off Road Park. We welcome ALL Rock Crawling Members to come enjoy and play on our Off Camber; Hill Climbing; Articulation Pit; & Bunny Trails (for stock Rigs) creations. You don't want to miss this!!
Robb Cole
Club President
Citrus County Jeepers

My Rig


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Oct 12, 2010
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Welcome Robb, sharp lookin ride!
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