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Gary Bergenhagen

Loves Light Bars
Mar 11, 2015
Park Rapids, MN
Good Evening,
My name is Gary and I'm new to this site. I have a 2000 Jeep TJ. Savvy Aluminum Arms with Johnny Joints, the rest is all Currie 4" lift kit. Advance Adaptors SYE with Tom Woods Drive shaft. Modified front fenders and GenRight 4" rear tube fenders. I also just replaced the 4.0 in it. The previous owner over heated it, cracked the head, epoxied it to get it sold.
It's a work in progress. I'm gathering parts for a Corporate 14" for the back and HP Dana 60 for the front. And trying to decide if I should go with the TnT 5.5 long arm suspension or just by the brackets and build one.
They are always a work in progress :)

Any pics to share?

Good durable choices for axles, have plans to shave that 14B for clearance?
I am going to have to replace these stock axles as they are not going to be strong enough for the crawling I want to do. I am working with proven input from two of my good friends. One of them is Gerald Lee, winner of the KOH Everyman Challenge 3 years in a row and owner of Savvy Off Road. The other is Todd Zick, owner of Z-Fab in Rapid City SD. Being I don't have the cash for the DynaTrac or RockJocks, I have to build my own. No problem for me with my fab skills. To answer your question, Yes, for the rear I'm going to shave a 14 bolt using the TRM shave kit. I know the clearance wouldn't be as good as a Dana rear, but I won't have to baby it. The only problem I'm having is, I'm used to Southern California where you can find anything. Now that I'm here in Minnesota... Wow it's tough finding parts. Junk yards are either twice the amount as others in the country, or they don't have it at all. Pictures will come as soon as I figure out how to post them.
I'm in Wisconsin (for now) and you are correct...parts and shops in this part of the country are certainly harder to come by...likely due to everything simply rusting away ;)

Just below this reply box is the "upload a file" button...
Pictures of my jeep shortly after I had bought it. The only thing I had done at this point was, I had replaced the worn out control arms with Savvy aluminum control arms with Currie Johnny Joint ends.

This jeep was a mess when I bought it. Since these pictures were taken, I have removed the 3" spring spacers, installed adjustable trac bars, 4" lift Currie springs, Currie Aluminum bump stops, a Currie rear trac bar relocation kit, Installed JKS Sway bar disconnects, an Advanced Adaptors SYE kit, another 4.0 motor (the original had previous owner damage), stopped all the transmission leaks, replaced the battery with a Die Hard Platinum AGM battery with Artec Battery Mount.

Now I've decided to start/keep upgrading to that 14 bolt, long arm suspension with stretch, Dana 60 platform to better serve my crawling desires...

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