Hello from Southern AZ


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Hello to all,

We're in southern AZ, wheel an 85 Toyota Truggy; duals, 39.5s, and the usual Toyota stuff. Found the forum by searching for some build ideas, currently making some improvements on ky rig.


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Nice rig! What trail is that? We are in SW Utah and needing excuses to explore


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Thanks, that's in Red Rock Canyon. It's a little north of Benson, AZ. It's rated at about 5, but it changes every year depending on how the monsoon season is. On that day, we made it right past the first little obstacle and had to turn around. A friend of mine bound up his Comanche and busted a U-joint on the short side. I didn't want him to drive out by himself, so we followed him out and did some exploring on foot. That canyon has 2 really technical sections in it, but otherwise it's easy and makes for a fun day.

We have a lot of decent trails in our area, Sierra Vista, but most of the hard stuff is near Florence, Phoenix and in western AZ. We're members of Cochise Range Riders, rangeridersnet.com, a small club based out of Sierra Vista. I'll post up any events that are planned, we always like having new people come and hang out with us. Our Club President is a good guy, but he drives a jeep......LOL