Hello from WV

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Loves Light Bars
Feb 15, 2014
Hey guys what's up
I'm getting ready to build a crawler right now I got a TJ trail rig but I'm thinking about a buggy build
I've considered a buggy a few times...but something streetable just keeps me from doing it...

what are the build thoughts?
Ok its been awhile but I'm starting with a 1990 xj I have a Dana 60 rear so its going to be slow going
My tj is a streetable crawler as soon as I figure out how to post pics I'll put one up
Use the "upload a file" link below this reply box :)

D60 is a good choice...any plan to shave it for clearance, or just go large enough with tires to not care?
I'm keeping it full width
Here's my TJ its a 99 with all 06 Rubi drive train on board air, long arms sittin on 35 inch pit bulls IMG_20150315_121102.jpg

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