How to Write Effective Letters to Politicians and Bureaucrats

Del Albright

Trail Access Advocate
Jul 29, 2011
Lion's Back, Moab, UT (before it was closed)​
Writing Effective Letters Does Not Have to be Scary!

How to Write Letters to Politicians and Bureaucrats, Made Easy.

By Del Albright

Letter writing is not like going up and down some tall, skinny, slippery red rock formation in a 4x4 -- it's really pretty easy. And more importantly, without letters from us to politicians and bureaucrats, our voice is never as strong as it could be to save outdoor sports.

You can use these same tips for writing comment letters on NEPA (USFS, BLM, etc.) documents as well.

There's a trick and a formula to letter writing. In this video, I give it to you short and sweet.


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