hydraulic steering problems

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thomas johnson

77 chevy on 39.5 iroks and 86 samurai
Jan 19, 2012
im new to the hydraulic steering set up and mine had a leak i was told to put regular hydraulic fluid in it but when i did it started jerking really bad to the left and i can barely turn it left now what do i need to do?????
You want PS fluid in there...I know PSC only warranties their pumps if you run Royal Purple fluid. I've run AMSOIL in mine as well with no issues...but 'any' PS fluid is correct.

I'd think normal hydraulic fluid would be too thick for the pump...
Woody is right, PS fluid has a slightly thinner viscosity than standard hydraulic fluid. But I bet you just have air in the system and it is cavitating the pump. Drain out the fluid you have, replace it with a quality synthetic PS fluid, lift both tires off the ground and turn the wheels left and right a couple of times to get the air out of the system.
Had the same problem on a real cold morning, a little tap on the pump with a pair of pliers released a spring and off we go. It has never happened again.
mine broke the p/s belt i put a new one on and its still a little jerky at full left turn but all in all its doing good now we took them out sat night i wish i could have got pics

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