ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2018-UP Jeep Wrangler JL 2.5″ Suspension Systems

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ICON Vehicle Dynamics is excited to announce the release of our full lineup of 2.5″ suspension systems for the 2018-UP Jeep Wrangler JL. Aimed at drastically improving (not just maintaining) on and off-road ride quality these systems include a combination of dual rate coil springs, 2.0 Aluminum Series or 2.5 Series shocks, link arms, track bars, bump stops, sway bar end links, and all necessary hardware for a complete install. The JL is a much more “refined” vehicle compared to previous Wranglers, and with improved suspension geometry and more robust components this new Jeep sees significant performance gains with the introduction of ICON suspension products.


Through an accelerated testing process dubbed the “ICON1K” R&D program, ICON has logged over a thousand miles in the dirt pushing the JL to off-road extremes to identify limiting factors in OE components, develop products that remove these limits, and further extrapolate performance out of this vehicle. These 2.5” suspension systems have been tweaked, tuned, and revised several times over the course of this ICON1K testing in an effort to provide unparalleled ride quality and vehicle dynamics for everything from rock crawling to high-speed desert running. By removing the aforementioned “limiting factors” these ICON suspension systems completely redefine the potential of the 2018-UP Jeep JL with wheel travel gains of over 30%!

ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2.5” suspension systems allow for the use of a 35” tire, while ICON Alloys offers wheels in both a 4.5” and 4.75” backspace that provides ideal fitment for the varying axle widths found on Rubicon and non-Rubicon models. For those who are looking to install a 37” tire, ICON has an optional bump stop spacer kit (PN: 22029) that allows for this as well.


Holistic Engineering – the ICON Difference
When developing suspension components for a new vehicle, ICON takes a different approach than many others. Rather than focusing in on one particular part, ICON engineers look at the vehicle as a whole, identify inherent strengths and weaknesses, and set a target for performance. With a focus on maximizing wheel travel and improving ride quality, ICON will develop components that address (and often times replace) OE limiting factors. This “holistic engineering” philosophy often results in the development of several parts designed to work together as a system to provide a balanced on and off-road performance upgrade. Because ICON is designing and manufacturing all of the components necessary to improve the performance of a vehicle from front to back, end-users can rest easy knowing they are dealing with ONE manufacturer, ONE standard of quality, and ONE awesome warranty to back it all up.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics products are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in Riverside, California by a team of passionate off-road enthusiasts. With a reputation for quality, performance, and service it’s clear that ICON Vehicle Dynamics is the top choice for performance suspension systems and shock absorbers for the new Jeep Wrangler JL


  • 2.5″ lift height
  • Fits 35″ tires (37″ with optional bump stop spacer kit PN: 22029)
  • 3″ front, 2″ rear increase in wheel travel
  • Dramatically improves on and off-road ride quality over stock
  • ICON-engineered dual rate coil springs deliver exceptional vehicle control over varying terrain
  • 2.0 Aluminum Series shocks with vehicle specific valving
  • 2.5 Series shocks with vehicle specific valving
  • Easy-to-adjust CDC Valve (Compression Damping Control) has 10 compression damping settings to suit all types of terrain and driving styles
  • Tubular steel link arms with dual durometer bushings for noise free performance, maximum articulation, and minimal bind
  • Heavy duty steel track bars feature maintenance free bushings, FK rod ends, and on-vehicle adjustability
  • 100% bolt-on system makes for an easy install
  • “ICON 1K” tested under rigorous off-road conditions to validate tune, performance, strength, and durability
  • Lifetime guarantee against coil spring breakage or sag
  • Lifetime guarantee against ICON fabricated component breakage or manufacturer defect


  • OEM Wheels & Tires: Yes
    • Aftermarket Wheels: 8.5″ Wide, 4.5″ Backspace
    • Aftermarket Tires : 35″ x 12.50 (Larger tires will fit with recommended bump stop spacer kit and minor trimming)
    • Recommended Wheel: ICON Alloys ‘Rebound’ | 17×8.5 / 4.5″ BS / -6mm Offset or ICON Alloys ‘Six Speed’ | 17×8.5 / 4.5″ BS / -6mm Offset
    • Aftermarket Wheels: 8.5″ Wide, 4.75″ Backspace
    • Aftermarket Tires: 35″ X 12.50 (37″ tires will fit with recommended bump stop spacer kit)
    • Recommended Wheel: ICON Alloys ‘Alpha’ | 17×8.5 / 4.75″ BS / 0mm Offset or ICON Alloys ‘Shield’ | 17×8.5 / 4.75″ BS / 0mm Offset

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