Jason Scherer Wins 2016 Ultra4 Fallon 250

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DANVILLE, CA SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 Jason Scherer completed the Carbon Off Road Fallon 250, a six lap race, in first place after staring 9th in the grid, based on series points to date. The Ultra4 series has uniquely combined endurance racing, short course racing and desert racing to find racers that excel at all disciplines. Scherer has proven to be such a racer taking wins in all categories among a strong field of contenders driving his #76 Rubicon Express Nitto Tire car.


“We didn’t work on the car, we didn’t have one issue, but we did pit 5 times for fuel with our 20 gallon tank. The Nitto Tires were strong with no flats, which is amazing at the speeds I was driving through endless dust on roads littered in rocks! I have to thank Rubicon Express for their continued support and all the guys on the team that give their all at each of these races,” said Scherer after returning home.


“I started in 9th position after inverting the field based on points. The drivers in front of me were really fast, so I didn’t get held up in much dust, and after a few passes was able to obtain clean air on lap 2. With pre-running under speed control, these two laps allowed me to train on what the car could do at high speeds through the different obstacles, which the Fox Shox and Pac Springs soaked everything right up! Laps 3, 4 and 5 I was in dust thicker than I think I have ever seen hanging due to lack of wind. My hands were cramping from holding on so tight. As I started on lap 6, my pit guys got on the radio and told me Shannon Campbell was only 2 minutes behind me, and he knew it too. They said, ‘you have plenty of 2nd place finishes, who cares about 2nd, take it up a notch.’ And I did. While I was stuck in dust, Shannon narrowed the lead to just over a minute by the first checkpoint. When I got on the back section where there were big rollers, I was able to time them and the obstacles and pass the 4 guys that were creating dust for me. Once I got past them, it was time to pin it to win it to make up more time. I was full gas to the rev limiter, and then full brake into the fun turn track to the finish. I came into the finish line and did my epic jelly donut roll, winning the race by 5 minutes and 24 seconds,” reminisced Scherer. Shannon Campbell would come in second and Darren Henke and Brian Caprara would tie for third.

To date in 2016, Jason Scherer has finished 2nd at King of the Hammers, 2nd at Metalcloak Stampede, and 1st at the Fallon 250 as the qualifying races for the Western Championship, and now heads to Reno to prepare for the Nitto National Championships.

Jason and the #76 Rubicon Express Nitto Tire car will be at the Off-Road Expo in the Rubicon Express booth where enthusiasts can enjoy a slice of the Rubicon Trail in a Rubicon Express outfitted vehicle.

The car is prepped in Danville, California at Jason’s house with hours of assistance from friends, the Rage 4th crew and family.

The Rage 4th Crew: Ole Stogesburg, Ben Ratto, Chad & Brett Lujan, Greg Hussey, John Webb, Brian Farris, Steve Headen, Dan Trout, Ben Bower, Gary & Gordon Uffins, Jason Willis and Doug Kennedy, Jonathan Haniger and his brother Casey Scherer.

Special Thanks to all the Marketing Partners that Make this Success Possible: Rubicon Express, Nitto Tires, FOX Shox, Spidertrax, Method Wheels, Dynomax Exhaust, Rugged Radios, Tilden Motorsports, Red Line Oil, Wild West Off-Road, Fishmouth Fab Works, RCV Performance Products, Advance Adapters, High Angle Drivelines, Pac Springs, Reid Racing, Jamar Brakes, PowerTank, ARB USA, Power Steering Solutions, Rigid Industries, Motive Gear, WARN Industries and Elrod’s Performance Straps

More about Jason Scherer: Jason Scherer has been racing for over 18 years and has stood on the podium at many events winning one of the most prestigious events: The 2009 King of the Hammers. He also has a top 25 finish in 7 King of the Hammers races since 2008 and won the 2012 and 2013 Ultra4 Nitto National Championship Race and 2013 Metalcloak Stampede and 2016 Fallon 250. His consistency and race car set-up is proven winning the Pro-Rock Championship in 2006, repeating in 2007. Jason’s growing list of high profile finishes have earned him the honor of being nominated for Dirt Sports “Driver of the Year” award two years in a row. Scherer embraces his racing career with a very supportive wife and children who join him on the trails of Northern California in their 1972 Jeep CJ-6.

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