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Jan 11, 2017
JK builders that need the ABS to work, Listen UP!

The simplest way to achieve proper ABS set up and make the Canbus system happy is to make sure there are 4 sensors reading on your vehicle.

This can be achieved two ways:

- 1 sensor at each wheel
- 2 Sensors on the rear wheels

Of course 1 sensor at each wheel is the how the Jeep came from the factory and will provide the best feedback to the system to allow the ABS to sense and adjust in adverse conditions.

To achieve getting sensors onto a swap axle that is not set up for ABS, we offer a number of kits which include Brackets, Tone Rings and Disc Brake Swap Kits.

Each of these options require the hub to be machined down on the edge closest to the mounting flange and the Tone Ring pressed in place with Green Loctite.

Once the tone ring is installed, the bracket get installed by poking a hole in the backing plate and notching the axle flange. If your front axle does not offer provisions for an ABS setup, then it will be necessary to poke another hole in the backing plate and place a second mounting bracket 180 degrees across the axle.

If you are placing 2 sensors in this configuration it will be necessary to feed to create a longer run of wires to reach the plugs in the front of the vehicle. We suggest running those wires high and tight or through the frame.

These rear kits use the JK factory style ABS sensors intended for rear wheels. You can re-use the 2 you already have, but if will need to purchase 2 more of the rear sensors if using the dual sensor rear axle option.

Here is a good tutorial on how the ABS system works and what you are doing with the components when swapping:…



Flange Clearanced.JPG

Tone ring engagement800.JPG

Tone Ring Flush with Hub 800.jpg
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