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Sep 16, 2021
Hurricane UT
I’ve been spending a decent amount of time (and paying attention) with people in Sand Hollow with all the cool toys and have been acquiring parts for a new build.

After much debate between a few different, really awesome chassis’, I went with Kalif Redden chassis. I’ve been watching them just flat work really well over the last couple of years and with as many people as I know that have them, it will be a huge advantage having one sitting next to mine during the build process so it became a no brainer.

The parts list is as follows so far…

- Kalif Gen2 Hybrid chassis. This is sort of a combination of the Gen1 and 2. Mostly, it’s a Gen2 but has the bent lower kick panel tube that runs up to the A pillar. I prefer the look of it over the corner.
- Engine…not positive on this at this time. Looking at either an SRT-4 or a GM 3.9.
- C4 transmission
- D300 (stock gears for now)
- Trail gear Toyota housings/H1 portals/zip lockers, 5.29’s, rear steer
- Trail Ready wheels
- 42” BFG Reds
- PSC steering
- Shocks…not sure on what shocks exactly yet. Looking at all 2.0 and 2.5 air shock offerings at this time.
I want this to be a super capable trail car that can hang with my buddy’s through every trail in Sand Hollow. I don’t plan on competing with it but can’t promise I won’t lol.

This will be a slow build initially (because we are having a house built that keeps being delayed) but once we move, it should go together a lot quicker. Hoping to have a roller before we move in December. 😎

Here is the chassis anyways!





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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
Definitely 2.5 airs...less pressure needed for ride height, less unloading concerns too.

And IMO, find a smaller/compact seat without a headrest...space is a premium.


Loves Light Bars
Sep 16, 2021
Hurricane UT
Ya, Poulsen was convincing me of the 2.5’s as well, just worried about packaging, Kalif said they’re gonna be TIGHT in there.

Definitely going to go with a more compact seat. Probably the Roadster. Just had this sitting around and had to sit in the car 😆👍
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