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2015 The Year of Clean!

By Del Albright, Director of Operations, BRC

Keeping trash off our public lands is a big job and one that many of us take on willingly...often. And yes, it's not usually OUR trash, not from those of us who love the backcountry; but rather it's from folks who don't get it and just go to the "outdoors" with careless attitudes and behaviors.

We have to educate them. And yes, we have to pick up behind them. Unfortunately. But until we educate them all and get our lands and waterways FREE of trash and garbage, we will need to be vigilant in our efforts at trash pick-up!

On the Rubicon Trail (FOTR) we have programs designed to remind folks to clean up and keep things like "white flowers" off the trail. It all helps. El Dorado County (wherein lies the Rubicon) is good about helping with educational programs like this:

Working with agencies that manage our public lands is a great way to do clean ups and show how WE care. If we don't do it; who will? Take the initiative and start something to save your access for the future.

What to do:
1. Carry a trash bag like a Trasharoo that hangs outside on your spare tire (
2. Set the example. Stop and pick up trash when you see it; be the one to initiate a clean up.
3. Show kids (when you can) that you care and set the pack-it-out example for them.

Del's Article about trash and a "Date with a Paper Plate" here:

More on Trasharoo:

BRC Code of Ethics for Trail Behavior here:


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