Krazy Beaver Tools Trail Shovel


Spotter Required
Sep 5, 2016
Cedar City, Utah
I recently purchased a Krazy Beaver Tools Shovel and wanted to share my thoughts on it. At first when I seen these shovels I said that would be great for when I'm out wheeling and get stuck!

Well I have yet to get stuck while out wheeling, however I have used the heck out of this shovel. I have used it for digging fire pits, putting fires out, clearing a spot for a tent, leveling the ground for campers, removing brush and cleaning up the local trails at Sand Hollow with it. Each time I go out I keep finding great uses for it. It has a super rugged design which makes super strong and not flimsy at all.

Krazy Beaver Tools offers up some great way to mount these to your rig and they are the perfect size to mount just about anywhere.

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