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MESA, AZ APRIL 28, 2015: The final 10 girls for the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge were announced at the Ladies Meet and Greet at the Jeep Beach event in Daytona Beach, FL. After the 33 semi-finalists filled out questionnaires and were interviewed for a special episode of Bower Power Hour, the Bower Media team whittled the list down to the top 10 ladies to come to Arizona for a training weekend. The training weekend will consist of a series of activities unknown to the ladies until the group arrives at each of the locations, and meets the special guest hosting them. Followers will be able to join in on the fun weekend as the group goes LIVE via Bower Motorsports Media Facebook page at each of the stops.


“Wow, that was one of the hardest jobs we have had to do in a long time! Of course, if it were up to me, all 91 ladies would be coming to the training weekend! The top 10 represent a wide variety of our ladies offroad group. Not one of them has the same set of skills, or background. Some are very new, and some have a lot more experience,” said Charlene Bower, Owner of Bower Media. “The training weekend is going to be amazing, if I can say so myself. I am honored that the folks surrounding the events have made themselves available for these ladies. It’s hard not to tell everyone what we are doing, I want to let everyone know, but keeping them a secret goes in line with the three events that we will be participating in throughout the year. So, it is part of the training, managing how well we can adapt to change.”

The contest is designed to gather entries from girls across the country, using social media and Bower Power Hour interviews to help Charlene determine the best match for her. The three events will be RallyVenture, BFGoodrich Tires 36 Hours of Uwharrie, and the all girls Rebelle Rally in October. Each of these events will offer a unique competition experience alongside Charlene, as well as a behind the scenes look at the actual events themselves. The girls chosen will be Charlene’s second in command for the entirety of the event, and will have the opportunity to drive, navigate, and compete in all sorts of challenges to accrue points at the events. There will be three winners, one for each event this year.

With the interview process over and the top 10 ladies selected, the next stage will be an intensive training weekend in Arizona. The ladies will preform a series of tasks and challenges meant to test their skills and push them to their limits to see who will be the best choice as co-driver.

You can learn more about the 10 finalist ladies on Or by clicking on their name below to go to their Facebook picture: Alice Gerst, Kaleigh Hotchkiss, Kristen Endres, Kristie Moore, Lauren Martin, Leigh Singleton, Marcie Hricziscse, Teralin Petereit, Trisha Glezen.

About Charlene Bower: Charlene Bower, founder of Bower Motorsports Media, took her very first job changing tires in a motorcycle shop. From there she went on to be a part of the management team of some nationally recognized multi-line powersports dealerships. After over 10 years in motorcycle retail management, it was time for a change. Putting 6 months aside to experience life as never before, she hooked up her truck to her trailer and wandered from ride spot to ride spot making up for lost weekends on her dirt bike and quad. While on the road, she found the love of photography and writing. When a private multi-line magazine company approached her to be a part of their sales team, it turned into the perfect match. The next few years were based around sales and relationship building, while learning the in’s and out’s of the media world, specifically in the Sand and UTV Markets. When the economy dropped severely and affected the magazine business, Charlene looked for the niche that needed filling. It didn’t take long to evaluate that quality PR to the media for needed content was in order. She works daily to consistently refine the process as the world of media has revolved quite drastically in the seven years since opening Bower Motorsports Media.

The company has grown to include different properties, all with media and marketing as the core to their creation, including: Bower Power Hour, Bower Media Calendar, Race Team Store, I’m Not Just a Girl, Bower Media Promo Gifts, Shirt & Swag Club, Shirt & Bling Club, Bower Media School of Professional Marketing, and Offroad Newswire among others that are in testing phases. The Bower Media team is in the backdrop to some of the most successful racers, events, and companies in the 4×4 market. It is normal to find Charlene at offroad events every weekend working to get the shots and the stories to bring the love of motorsports back to those that can’t be there.

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