Leaving California


Loves Light Bars
Mar 24, 2021
monterey bay
Hello all, well I’ve got a few more years left in this state of disrepair. I’ll stop at that. Don’t get me started. Bought a house in Saint George.
The desert is 2 blocks out of the garage door. 20 minutes on dirt to west rim trail at SandHollow.
the wife and I love this place AND the people. Jeep specs, 04 Rubicon stretched tub 15”
5.3, 350 rmvb, 2800 stall, atlas4.3 prorock 60/80 genright 3 link 4 link double triangulated.ORI struts, 111” wheelbase 40” mtr, blah blah blah. Bought brand new, turned it into a tin can.
now it cruises trails and doesn’t foam my beer.




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