limit straps!

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Mar 26, 2023
Washington State
go fast stuff they're on everything. low speed Crawling it's a big hit and miss. seems like no new cars being built have them anymore.

I'm probably just below 4k lbs on the car. 16" radflo 2.5s all the way around. oiled and pressured via woody instructions on a thread here. the runs i have done i haven't felt need them. its built to go slow and crawl not rock race, jump and float across g-outs. those instances i can understand the necessity for limit straps.

that said, do any of guys run limit straps and why do you feel either way on it them?
I don't, but have considered them in the rear. If you can run your Nitrogen at a low enough pressure, then the impact from topping out the shocks isn't terrible. With the added front rebound, my fronts RARELY top out. The lighter rebound in the rear does top out.

The shocks have a large/thick washer at the top of the polished shaft with a stud (plus shims, and such above that). That washer will cone after repeated top out shock loads, and eventually cause problems. Mine were all cone shaped when I revalved mine, so I ordered replacements for future use.

The BIG issue is if that stud breaks, then your shock effectively pulls apart since there is nothing stopping it from over extending.

I try to keep my rear winch snug enough so that hits prior to 100% flex/extension....and release the winch if full droop is needed for breakovers. And then forget to resnug and the shocks top

2-1/2 years, mine aren't broke yet.....yet....

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