Limiting straps?

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I need your guys opinion, my two friends are fighting over these two options on a Toyota front straight axle.
Option one: Put 3 limiting straps on the front axle, one in the middle to prevent the driveline from popping out, and the other 2 near the shocks to prevent the shocks from stretching and increases flex? Option 2: No limiting strap in the center nor on the sides because you have bump stops to prevent it from overflexing and flipping, also from preventing the shocks to stretch.
Limiting straps are for keeping your shocks from internally being bottomed out or being pulled apart by the axles weight. Bump stops are to limit up travel so you don't use the shock to hold the weight or your rig when it bottoms out. They also act as a pivot at times using the force on 1 side to push the other side down. A center limiting strap is typically only used to band aid a drivetrain issue IE: a CV joint that doesn't have enough travel at full droop. If your driveline pops out its not the correct length or travel.

I'd suggest you run properly setup bump stops and limit straps. Put together correctly they work together to keep from damaging your shocks. I know a lot of Toyota guys don't but I've rebuilt shocks with bent stop washers in them and seen others tear the bottom caps out from being bottomed and over extended to much.


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I had to run a front centered limit strap on my old FJ40 to keep the axle from "walking away" and pulling the front driveshaft apart. Actually, I believe it was a chain. Ghetto, but effective. Bent up a custom crossbar that centered just behind the axle centerline (and in my case, below the SBC harmonic balancer) and connected to the center of the axle.

Common issue on rear-shackle setups on front axles, the axle wants to keep crawling. I DID finally do a long-slip driveshaft, only to have the axle walk forward and rotate enough to snap a front pinion. Went back to limiting after that. The front leaf packs used 100% of the 14" shocks that were on there.

Unfortunately, a bootyfab center limit is the the simple option, other than major suspension changes.
Woody I've seen that with people having no clamps on their leaf packs before. Only seems to help with getting mad flex though and causes issues like you mentioned. Long shackles make the issue even worst too cause when they pull way forward it lets the front of the leaf bow and lets the axle walk front more. Its been a long time since I ran leafs but clamped leafs in my truck, semi short shackle and 12 shocks was more than enough and was never a issue.


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Wish that was the case for me....rig is LONG gone, but until I ran the center limit, I had continual issues. Clamps were tight (even welded), shackles were super short....springs were 8 leaves , military wrapped, and completely flat at ride height. Clearly, no one perfect answer :)

Haven't noted the issue with the front leaves on my FToy however...very different setup tho.