Looking to build first crawler


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I am looking to build my first crawler and I am looking to work with a very low budget, i am not wanting something show winning just something to get me out and have some fun, are there any sugestions on what platform to start with I am a ford and jeep guy so i have a few things there. i want something that i can start off VERY mild and work up over time. this will be a project for me and my 12 yr old son to do together. once he can show me he is ready it will be his.

the vehicle does not have to be street legal but i would like to start out with something running with a working 4x4 for about 500-1000

any help would be great


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You might hunt down a salvage title TJ and see what you come across, but even that will likely bust the initial budget...

Best/easiest is to find someone that has started a project but never completed...great way to get some of the upgrades you'll do anyways, but let someone else take the loss :)


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that is the problem most older 4wd around here are used on the farm and are used till they fall apart, if you know of anything or a place to look for them please let me know


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Search for a TJ or an 85 Toyota pickup/4Runner or older. Both are great vehicles for rock crawling and it doesn't take much to build them. However, the more extreme you want to wheel, the more money it's going to cost. There's plenty of places that sell bolt on stuff for Jeeps (quadratec, rusty's offroad, 4wheel parts, 4WD, and etc) and you can find great products for Toyotas at Marlincrawler.com, lowrangeoffroad.com, allprooffroad.com, polyperformance.com and a few others.