Low Range Off-road – Samurai Solid Pinion Spacer

Low Range Off-Road is proud to offer the first Solid Pinion Spacer Kit manufactured for the Suzuki Samurai and Sidekick/Tracker/X90.

Solid pinion spacers take the place of conventional crush sleeves in setting bearing preload. They are slightly shorter than a crushed crush sleeve and come with several shims which are stacked to different heights to increase or decrease preload.

For many years, Toyota used similar solid spacers in their differentials. Their proven reliability has trickled out to other axles in the aftermarket and is now available for your Suzuki.

Why choose a pinion spacer over a crush sleeve?

  • It takes between three and four hundred ft. lbs. of torque to crush a crush sleeve. For some with limited tooling, this can be impossible to achieve. Because solid spacer preload is set by adding shims, installation does not require such high torque.
  • Crush sleeves are known to continue to collapse over time. This means that the preload setting on the pinion shaft can change and need adjusting. In addition, if you run your pinion flange into a rock you will likely further crush your sleeve. In contrast, solid spacers never shift in length and will not loosen over time.
  • Crush sleeves cannot be reused. If you have to rebuild again in the future or if your installation does not go well the first time and you have to tear it down again, you can reuse your solid spacer again and again.
  • With a solid spacer, you can change a leaking pinion seal without needing to reset the crush sleeve.

In Short: Solid spacers reduce the risk of overtightening your pinion nut while ensuring a reliably stable pinion load.


  • Proper set-up is essential for differentials. We always recommend professional installation.
  • There is no one set of shim thickness that we can recommend. Each set-up will be unique.

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