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Let's stop the silliness!

By Del Albright, March 2017

The decades of unchecked radical environmentalism have left us with a country bound-up in red tape, and restricted from common sense management. It is silly what we have allowed to happen to ourselves. It's time to Stop the Silliness!

Of course, I am NOT saying all regulations, Wilderness areas and land designations are silly or unnecessary -- but we have more than enough and it's time to unravel some red tape and make our access to public lands GREAT AGAIN.

We certainly do not need skyscrapers, mining operations or development on top of every mountain peak; but we also do not need these same mountain tops closed to responsible recreation, hunting, motorized access and public enjoyment. The excessive restrictions need to be turned around and stopped.

Here is how you can help Make Public Lands Great Again:

S = STOP creating unnecessary Wilderness areas, especially those that do not meet the criteria of the original 1964 Wilderness Act. Ideally, we should ask Congress to undo many recent closures. Let your voice be heard with your elected officials and tell our leaders to quit listening to exclusionary elitist who want to close everything.

T = TAKE BACK Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) that have been lingering on the books for decades and really do not fit the purpose of Wilderness. Take back other unnecessary and restrictive closures. Support the halting of frivolous lawsuits. Donate to those causes that are fighting for your access and your public lands.

O = OPPOSE silliness in government and bureaucracy; educate politicians and lawmakers; help unravel red tape like with the permit process; and make sure YOU are significant by being part of organized recreation groups. Join, donate and volunteer are the three best things you can do to oppose more unnecessary closures and restrictions and make our public lands great again.

good land managers and bureaucrats who are doing the right thing! Write letters to officials in charge when you know of a good land manager doing good things for our lands. This has to be a two-way street -- and we have to also work hard to get rid of our own bad apples spoiling our image as responsible recreationists.

Now is the time to Stop the Silliness. Please do your part and spread the word. Take action before "they" take more away from us.

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