MetalCloak Takes the Bind out of Radius Suspension Systems with the Patent Pending...

7075-LockNLoad-HiRes-Media.jpgRancho Cordova, CA - Take the bind out of the radius arm suspension and add additional safety features with The MetalCloak “Lock-n-Load” (Patent Pending ID# 14/469,438)! The unique design of the passenger side replacement Lock-n-Load control arm allows you to “lock” the control arm in a static “solid” state for added on-road safety and lively road handling. “Load” the arm to unleash the capabilities of your radius arm suspension – reducing bushing and bracket load like a 3-link but with the added safety of four attachment points at the axle! How? When “loaded” the arm compresses and expands to compensate for control arm length change. Combined with MetalCloak’s patent pending Duroflex vibration dampening bushing, the Lock-n-Load gives you maximum ride quality. “Lock-it” or “Load-it” – get the bind-free flex you have dreamed of for off-road AND the added stability on-road with just a few twists! MetalCloak, it’s Your Jeep, Only Better. Information: MetalCloak, 916-631-8071,

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