Moab Easter Safari Underway

It's About Freedom

By Del Albright

The 50th Annual Moab Easter Safari is underway this week and wow, is town hopping. No matter what you wheel or drive, Moab and the surrounding incredible scenery represents a lot of what our motorized sport is about.

While the town itself and some of the businesses may be confused about who brings the money to this small town, four-wheelers are not! We explode the local economy and bring more focus than any other activity to this Utah community.

And it's about freedom. Taking a drive around the red rock country, or challenging your rig in some big rocks, Moab area has it all. And the freedom to do this adventuring is what we love. Unfortunately that freedom is always under attack by, as Stacie my wife says, exclusionary elitists who would rather not have rubber tires anywhere on the red rocks. I say let's tell them to pound sand!

There are several groups fighting to keep Moab motorized trails alive and well for us all. BUT it takes all of us doing our part -- whatever your part is in this tangled web of politics, meetings, letters and fight back efforts, you MUST be doing your part if you love Moab for four-wheeling.

I recommend you realize that all fights for trails begin at the top -- Washington DC and national politicians. So being a part of national groups like BlueRibbon Coalition and United Four Wheel Drive Associations is essential to saving our sport -- from the top down. Then also join regional, state and local groups that make sense to you and that you see fighting for your freedoms. WE MUST BELONG and be counted to make a difference.

JOIN and get your name on those rosters of enthusiasts who are really doing something and not just being virtual where your name (and voice) never really shows up. Take another step and BUY only from businesses in our sport who are doing the same and are on the land use team.

It's about freedom; Easter Safari in Moab represents that freedom. Go have fun; but BE part of the solution.
BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador,


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