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  • Multi-layered steel (MLS) construction features Viton-coated spring steel
  • Proprietary polymer coating seals surfaces twice as rough as a typical MLS gasket.
  • Soft radius embossment in the formation process improves conformability and reduces stress points
  • Stress relieving tempering process increases flexibility
  • Each MLS Head Gasket comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty

Mr.-Gasket-MLS-Head-Gasket-3149G.jpg CLEVELAND (April 14, 2015) – Performance automotive manufacturing company, Mr. Gasket, today announced its complete line of high quality Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) Head Gaskets for a wide range of domestic engines. These gaskets provide improved protection for high-compression, turbo and supercharged applications and deliver a tight, leak-proof seal under the most extreme conditions.


The gasket layers are individually cut using a state-of-the-art laser cutting process for precision tolerance. During the assembly process the gasket is soft radius embossed to provide additional protection in critical areas. This technique provides uniform clamp load distribution across the engine block deck and reduces stress points.

All Mr. Gasket MLS Head Gaskets go through a unique process after forming to reduce forming-induced stress points. The stress reduction process reduces brittleness in the materials increasing flexibility and deformation retention. A proprietary polymer is then applied to complete the gasket and ensure uniform coverage of the outer layers. A typical MLS gasket requires a smoother surface finish (30 Ra), but the coating on Mr. Gasket’s MLS Gaskets will seal a surface twice as rough (60 Ra). Each head gasket comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty.


Mr. Gasket MLS Head Gaskets are available from $99.95 at retailers nationwide and online. For more information on Mr. Gasket’s MLS Head Gaskets, or the company’s complete line of high performance products, please visit

About MSDP Group LLC

MSDP, headquartered in El Paso, Texas, operates in the street enthusiast, professional racer and powersports markets, where they maintain industry-leading market share positions across all of their product categories under widely known and respected brands:

· Mr. Gasket® – A legendary name in performance auto parts, Mr. Gasket provides a variety of racing products including engine components, Ultra-Seal gaskets, fasteners, fuel accessories, chrome-plated accessories, chemicals and more.

· MSD® – The highest performing fuel and ignition products in the industry, MSD offers a wide variety of components for fuel and ignition systems including, programmable ignition controls, coils, distributors, ignition wires and complete electronic fuel injection systems.

· Racepak® – A leading line of data loggers, displays, sensors, cables and modules for data monitoring and acquisition in race vehicles across a wide range of motorsports.

· Superchips® – A forerunner in performance tuning of computer controlled vehicles, Superchips offers high performance power programmers for a wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

· Edge® – A leader in performance truck tuning, Edge provides tuning modules, gauges and monitors for gasoline and diesel powered trucks and SUVs.

· ACCEL® – A line of high performance ignition systems and components including digital fuel injection systems, fuel injectors, coils, distributors, caps, rotors, ignition wires and spark plugs.

· Hays® – Known for performance clutches and flywheels, Hays offers a wide range of high-performance clutches for street and track racing.

· Lakewood® – Safety and suspension products including SFI approved bellhousings and various racing products.

· QuickTime® – Leading manufacturer and supplier of lightweight bellhousings and flexplates for the racing industry.

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