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We all know how important safety is these days in off-road racing with the vehicles getting bigger, heavier, faster and needing to stop that much quicker. Neck restraints have not been made mandatory yet across the board but even BITD has a section in their rules about them…

Best In The Desert Racing Association strongly recommends that any and all persons driving or riding in any class race vehicle wear a neck restraint designed for racing.

On any given weekend there are thousands of racers across the United States racing in things from trick trucks, sprint cars, to touring cars, and every racer wants to spend time concentrating on one thing: Going fast. Nobody wants to be worried about their shoulder belts slipping off, or the sore spots wearing on their collarbones or chest from their head and neck restraint. They just want to drive.


After just one race with the NecksGen REV, most people agree it was the last thing on their mind, and they forgot it was even there. Racers are typically very picky about how things are set up in their car, and they like everything to be a certain way, so to be told, “Yeah, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all” is a big compliment.

Of course comfort isn’t the only feature that the REV offers. It has improved side impact protection, quick release helmet hardware that mounts to industry standard locations, belt guides to keep your shoulder harnesses in place, Kevlar tethers with stainless steel buckles, and is made from an ultra strong carbon composite material right here in the USA. The NecksGen REV can be found at dealers across the country, or at


At NecksGen, the number one question asked is, “Why should I choose your device over any of the others?”. The primary answer is a simple one. Comfort. You see, all SFI 38.1 head and neck restraints conform to the same strict testing standards, so while the REV is a big step in improving driver safety, the primary reason most people prefer the REV over any other device is that it is just more comfortable to wear.


NecksGen REV is available in three different sizes and will accommodate 2” and 3” belts on the bigger sizes.


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