ORBA Nevada OHV Economic Impact Study

The Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) is working with the University of Nevada Reno on an exciting and important project for the OHV Community. ORBA was recently awarded a grant from the Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles to conduct an Economic Impact Study on OHV recreation in Nevada that includes all forms of motorized use; UTV, ATV, 4WD, dirt bike, and snowmobile. The primary purpose of the study is to convey the financial impact to the local, regional and state economy in a concise and factual format. This ultimately translates into policy and decision making that is favorable for future planning and investment into infrastructure and access for motorized use.

We are looking to capture spending habits, where people are traveling from, and the type of activity that motorized enthusiasts are participating in. This survey is focusing on participants that have traveled to Nevada (or are currently Nevada Residents) to recreate.

The survey can be found here:

ORBA sincerely appreciates your cooperation and help in reaching as many enthusiasts as possible. Our objective is to promote advocacy for sustainable access and ensure that public and private lands remain open for motorized recreation for future generations.

Thank you,
Fred Wiley
ORBA President/CEO

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