New buggy with Wilwood brakes

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Loves Light Bars
Dec 26, 2023
White Rock, NM.
I just got this buggy. It has Wilwood, dual piston, manual brakes. The pedal is hard as a rock, with no travel. It does stop, but with a lot of effort. It also has what appears to be line locks for each corner. There is also a manual valve in the line coming off the reservoir.
What is all this stuff?
Part of me want's to just remove all the line lock stuff and make it simple.
The buggy has front and rear independent suspension. The rear is a chevy one ton center diff, facing forward. The steering knuckles are already there, so this thing is screaming for rear steer. That will be the first thing I do with it, but I want to fix the brakes before anything else.
I have zero experience with this so any help is appreciated.


20231215_121609 (1).jpg


First thing I'd do is bypass the 4 electric line locks and that manual shutoff. Then you are only dealing with the masters/calipers and eliminating other oddities.

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