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Mar 9, 2014
Started getting into RC's by late October. I just bought an Axial SCX10 with a Ford Pickup body. Friends have the same chassis with other bodies. I really think mine sits to high. She looks good but lacks in the stability. Any experiences with this chassis? What about weighted ties & rims?

I've got an AX10 converted into a full on buggy...

heavily weighted front tires, lightly weighted rears, two-stage front foams, single stage rears, custom suspension all around (mounts and links and everything), front dig.

I ended up with a chassis switch to lower lower links are actually flat now, it's that low. But it climbs and sidehills amazingly, and with the 55t Novak motor and a TorqueMaster ESC, it has plenty of burst to handle the breakovers.

Also, move your battery onto the front axle...I did a custom plate with the servo on one side and a single 3-cell lipo on the other side.

I swear these are more expensive than the 1:1 trucks...uugh

I've got an SCX10 too...kept it stockish...outside of major adjustments (ie: starting over), it wasn't worth the work...too much fun as is :)

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