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Loves Light Bars
Dec 30, 2012
First off, thanks for putting this forum together! My name us Shawn and I have been in So Cal for 20+ years now. Spent time touring around Moab, Truckhaven, Johnson Valley and a few others. My ride is a 76 CJ 7, ARB, AMC 304 mounted to a TH350 Trans, 6" mono-leaf lift setting on 35" BFG Mud Terrains.
Just a few photos of Ocotillo, Moab and Knock on Wood Trail.


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I love the mono-leaf. Made the off road ride a lot smoother with more flex. Not so good on the freeway but I don't use it as a daily driver.
What shocks are you running? A local friend experimented with shocks a bit, made all the difference on the road once he got them dialed...believe he ended up with Bilstein's...

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