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I can hardly contain myself - Thursday I am supposed to pick up my new 2019 Maverick Sport XRC being built for me. It will be stock and include a bunch of Can Am accessories. I am leaving behind my 2012 Polaris RZR-S 800 LE. It has been our friend and companion for many years and served us faithfully, so it is (sort of) with sadness that I move on. However, there is just NO WAY I could pass up the technical superiority of the new XRC. I wanted to try a Can Am because of reputation and also because (believe it or not) of instrumentation. That little round multi-function gauge in the middle of a RZR is absolutely useless to my 71 year old eyesight. The new Sport XRC with the 7" multi-function digital dash looks like it will be perfect! Put that together with increased ground clearance and all the other features of the XRC and it was enough to get me in to the dealership.

I've spend weeks looking at reviews, etc. and one thing jumps out to me. Is anyone making a "quick disconnect" system for the sway bars? In the serious rock reviews, it seems, disconnecting the sway bars (and bigger tires) seems to be common. However, I spend a majority of time on trails and am not prepared to abandon the higher speed stability lost by permanent removal. Being able to pull over and disconnect the sway bars might be a perfect combination for me. I'll search the forum for info on that subject.

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I always ran a rear sway bar, and removed the front....handling changed minimally, but the added front travel was nice in the rocks.

At the end of the day, UTV's 3 wheel most things :)