New guy here, 2000 Chevy Tracker Owner.


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Jun 5, 2019
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Hey guys, just found this forum and had to join. I don't have a rock crawler yet, but I've got a 2000 Chevy Tracker that will hopefully become one. It's a two-door model with a 2.0L engine and a four-speed automatic transmission that's only rear wheel drive. We got it as a family vehicle about 5 years ago but it broke down when my mother drove it 5 miles without any oil. After it sat for about a year, I was able to convince my parents to give it to me instead of scrapping it for around a hundred bucks. Over the course of about three years armed with zero mechanical knowledge, I managed to rebuild the engine and get it running with money I would get along the way with the guidance of my grandfather. Now that it's running and I'm close to having a job, I'm starting to make plans on turning it into a rock crawler.

My original plan with it was to put some first gen Geo Tracker axles and a Samurai transfer case under it to make a light crawler, but since the first gen Tracker axles wouldn't work out too well without modifying the frame, and even then they would cause driveline angle issues, I've decided to go all the way and find some Toyota axles to install along with the Samurai transfer case. Hopefully, I'll be able to collect all the parts it'll need and draw up the blueprints I need before I start so I can just spend a week wrenching on it and completing it in a single run.

However, since I'm probably not going to start on that process for a long time, I'm going to do some smaller things with it like adding a lift kit and replacing the bumpers, so I can make what I've currently got a bit more versatile.

Included are some of the best pictures of it, and one of the timing system since I personally think it looks neat.







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Oct 12, 2010
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Fun project, those little cars can be super fun....and good choice with the Toyota axles/t-case for the build :)