New here from chambersburg, PA

Hi, new here, but same user on several forums. I am from Bedford County PA as well, but now reside in Chambersburg, PA. I am a Tech Ed teacher by trade(woodshop, drafting) but offroad enthusiast thru and thru. My ride is a 1979 k30 that was once a full bodies truck that was built freshman year of college.

It has been through several rendiditons, but currently has vortec 5.7/sm465/205/205, dana 60/14 bolt, welded with 5.13s. 38" tires and more tube than body. Front suspension is 56" leafs, and rear is getting changed from 63" leafs to 4 link with coils .





eternal noobie
Staff member are as hard on rigs as I old FJ40 went from a straight body in primer to 3-4 dents in a week....and they never got pounded out :) Painted right over it - lol