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Loves Light Bars
Aug 18, 2012
New to the forum. Thought is try it out.
My rigs ab 88 b2 2.9 5 speed. Sas'd use to have Dana 30 front 35 rear 488's Aussie front welded rear. 3rd gen Toyota rears up front stock out back. Home made slip yoke eliminator for front out put
Now those axles are out and in the process of being replaced for full width 44 Hp front 538 spool cromo routers hi steer and 60 rear welded. Bunch of posers for now




When I set my shackles angles, I didn't do the frame-side as I fabbed up....put a 1" thick piece of wood between the frame and the spring and let it compress/settle a bit. Gives a decent guess point to start.

Had a buddy about 20 years back who wheeled the snot outta his little truck :)

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