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Jan 7, 2022
Liberal KS
Hello to all the fellow wheelers on here. While I could write for hours about why I am here and how I got here, I doubt anyone really wants to read all that. It kinda boils down to this, even though I have owned, worked out of, lived out of, pampered and at times torn the hell out of 4WD pickups my entire working life, and that extends over 40 years now, the only one I miss and the one I still wish I had was a 1975 CJ5 Renegade with an AMC 304 and 3 speed trans that I had when I was 16. It was because of that Jeep that I came to learn about places like Moab and the Rubicon Trail.
I have reached a point in my life where success in business (My wife and I own 2 automotive repair businesses) has gotten me to a point I can go see all those places I dreamed about for all those years. So, I have recently traded for an 83 CJ7 that is pretty much a pile, but is something to start with. I have plenty of Dana 60s front and various rear diff carcasses in the scrap pile. 5.3 LS engines are not hard to find. An Atlas transfer case and well I am sure an entire pile of other parts and we will be on our way. What I intend to build is a coil over Jeep that has maybe a 110 wb, with a full cage, LS power, plenty of low gear, and 44 inch tires. Prob go with hydro steering. 4 wheel disk brakes. Hand built wiring harness. Maybe a hand built frame to build everything else on. All I really bought the CJ for is the VIN number, the pattern and maybe some of the body panels. I have plenty of shop space, all of the tools I could ever need, including welders and pipe benders and fab tools. All I really need is specific knowledge on the application.
1) Does anyone make a 4 link coil over kit to accomplish what I am trying to do?
2) How in the heck do you figure out what springs to use on the coil overs?
3) Anyone ever build a CJ frame from scratch and if so, where did you find the plans?

I will throw up some pictures later, I am actually writing this from out of town.
Thanks in advance to everyone, and I really hope we all have fun with this.
Any "bolt on" coil or coilover conversion kit will likely limit you with the build....wheelbase, tire size, etc. And having done a custom link suspension on a rig 20ish years back (FJ40) there are a ridiculous number of limits that come into play with a stock frame and geometry. Gets frustrating quickly.

Not that custom designing doesn't either, but at least companies like ARTEC make "kits" to help the process.

Hopefully your Google-foo has a list of links to help the ideas :)

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