New to Rockcrawling - Want to know if this is a good deal?


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Nov 1, 2016
Hey There, Im in the market for a rock crawler. I came across this one in my area and want to get anyone's educated opinion if it's a good deal? - it doesn't say it in the post, but it has 72000 miles on it. The guy bought it at 55000 miles and put all the work in. - This may sell fast, so speedy response would be appreciated.

The Ad
"I have an 90 bronco 2 That is all set up for off-road Driving. I built this truck myself and everything is set up properly. The vehicle has a 4 inch suspension lift, with custom cut wheel wells & flares, 35X12.5x15 tires Full size spare, has oversize differentials for the vehicle ( 8.8 with disc brakes and 31 spline axles in the rear, Dana 35 in front ). Both front and rear differentials have 513 gears & Detroit lockers. Also has Heavy duty drivelines, performance exhaust, performance Computer chip, MSD coil, K&N Air cleaner, upgraded with larger radiator, onboard air system with gauge, tank and shut off valve, line lock for front and rear brakes,( sorry I'm keeping the winch as shown in the pictures) heavy duty Rocker bars, heavy duty tube bumpers, window bars, CD player with aux and a Amplifier, 12 inch sub woofer also has 42 inch double row LED lightbar on roof, 20 inch double row LED lightbar on bumper, 2 LED driving lights in the bumper, $5300.00 OBO that is less half of what I got invested, and that doesn't include all the hours of working on it to get it to where it is now "

More photos on the Craigslist Ad below

Here is the Craigslist Ad.

Thanks guys!



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Oct 12, 2010
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I'm amazed sometimes that more Bronco II's aren't built up....seems like a nice size platform.

Build list looks decent....but those axles will NOT survive 35's for long, especially the front.

It is still TTB front? If yes, plan on a SAS...soon...


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Nov 1, 2016
Haven't had a look at it yet to see if its TTB.

Will be using this for my daily driver to work about 15miles to work and back all up. Any known issues with road driving with a rig like this?


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Nov 8, 2016
For a daily driver, the front/rear Detroit lockers might get on your nerves (but maybe not). For years, I read that the Detroit would "throw my truck off the road". That was so not the case. I only "feel" the Detroit in my rig when I take a near-90 degree turn and have to get into (or out of) the throttle, or I'm accelerating aggressively (merging) and then let off the gas quickly. The Detroit is LOCKED full time until you are making a turn and your foot is OFF the gas pedal. When torque is applied (gas pedal), the Detroit is LOCKED. It takes a bit of understanding and practice to master driving with a Detroit if you don't want to feel and hear it pop, clang, and click all the time. But I have loved mine. -Something to be said for the Detroit's simplicity and dependability. And its 1/2 the cost of a selectable locker.

Now.... in the winter time, with slick snowy roads, in 4WD, dual Detroits spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E. If you live in a snow/ice state, for a DD, I'd say NO to the Detroits.
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