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Matt Panella

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Hey everybody, my names Matt, one of the Pismo Locals.. Ran across the forum and figured I'd join.

I have a ton of questions that need answers, and what better place than a crawler site..

I drive a '89 Ranger..
-Small Lift (SFA)
-FOX Racing Shocks (all corners)
-Hannemann 4.5" Flared Glass
-Electric Lockers front / rear
-Warn locking hubs
-42" LED Light Bar

How hard is it to hook up lockers? I've got the wires ran into the cab, just had them unplugged as I was swapping out the dash. Any info would be rad.

(not looking for hate comments, only help.)



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DPDT switch ...simple enough.

Did a quick Google search for "wiring electric lockers" and then direct into image results...lots of possibilities.

What company are the lockers from??

oh, and welcome...I didn't know how to change oil when I got my 1st 4wd...not sure I'm any smarter after 25 years either...

Matt Panella

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Not sure of the company, but the rear locker is full-time.

Hooking the lockers up to switches here soon..

Some more pictures for viewing pleasure.

crawler 4.jpg

Can't find anything big enough to flex on..

crawler 5.jpg

My 19 month old girl, she loves playing w/ the steering wheel, soon she'll be ridin' shotgun wheelin' with me.



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I"m confused then...a full time locker would have no need to be "electric" as well...