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Spotter Required
Jun 11, 2013
Roswell, NM
Names Justin, been wheeling for years. Grew up in Buena Vista, CO. Combining my CJ-7 and 62 Scout to haul the family around. Hopefully I'll be back BV in a month or two to try it out with my Dad and brother. Just saying HI.
My avatar is the latest pic of it. It's not that bad, that's only 5 1/2 days worth of work. All that is left is half of the steering, master cyl., fuel tank, seats, wiring and the cage. I figure about a weeks worth of work.
1962 Scout 80. As for the wiring, at my current job I have wired numerous police cars in a week. a 62 scout is pretty dang basic. As for the avatar, its a crappy cell phone picture. Top half is scout, bottom half 86' CJ-7 with a AMC 360, NP 435, dana 300, and dana 60s with 4.88 gears, capped off with hummer beadlocks and 37's.
The rig is drivable now. No trail pics yet last trip to CO fell through. Here's some pics. IMG_20130927_084211_298.jpg

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