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Jan 16, 2011
Hello, I am kind of new to the rock crawling off road world. I currently have a 1987 Toyota Pickup 4WD truck. I am kind of wondering where do i start, what do i need to get? Any and all comment will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Matthew, the first thing to purchase is to start with recovery gear.. At a minimum, snatch strap, tow shackles, good working gloves, and a hi lift jack. Take the truck out with other clubs or vehicles, so you aren't alone, and have fun. You will soon learn the limitations of your truck in stock form, but it can still be fun!
I spent my first 3-4 years with open diffs and 31" tires...and ended up learning a ton as a result. Made a LOT of mistakes and learned from them (mostly...haha)

2" x 30' strap (loop ends, NOT hooks)
Screw-pin clevis (2 at least), 4-3/4 ton minimum rating
loose fitting leather gloves (yes, loose...NOT mechanix wear snug ones)
HiLift is a great tool as well, but find a few of Bill Burke's videos to train yourself

Be sure your truck has good attachment points, front and rear. The 87 minitruck should have a good front tow hook, but the rear bumper is NOT a recovery point.

Scott mentioned the most important: friends. Find a club, there are plenty of clubs with a variety of members and abilities to learn from. Not sure where you are from, but a local event might be worth attending too, even for a day. I did all my learning (good and bad) from others...fortunately, I learned enough to be a pro offroad driver/instructor for a couple years.

Good addiction, enjoy :)

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